Small Group Coaching Sessions

Small-Group Coaching - Sessions


Small-group coaching sessions follow the lifecycle of building and implementing a simple content strategy.

There are three stages as a content strategy unfolds: research and preparation, building momentum, and activating your traffic.

Small-group coaching sessions are limited to three people + myself.

Each session costs $50 per attendee for one hour.

Payment is due upon entry to the Zoom or Google Meet session.

For individual instruction on these same topics, check out my one-on-one coaching offering.

The following lists aren't 100% all-inclusive but will give you an idea of the topics which are available and consistently offered to my clients.

Research & Preparation

   Content Strategy 101

   Conducting Keyword Analysis

   Conducting Competitive Analysis

   Reader Persona Development

   Choosing the Right Platform & Hosting Combo

   How to Properly Install Google Analytics

   Build a Powerful Content Tool Stack on a Budget

   Building a Content Creation Calendar

   How to Approach Your First 120 Days of Content Creation

Building Momentum

   Leveraging LinkedIn As a Growth Engine

   The Hub-Spoke Content Model

   Core SEO Content Principles

   Freelancer Sourcing & Management Tips

   How to Rapidly Build & Scale Domain Authority

   Why Guest Blogging Is So Important

   How to Scale Your Guest Blogging Outreach

   How to Build a Powerful Email List

   Link Building 101

   How to Automate Your Daily Social Media Posts

Activating Your Traffic

   Identifying Buyer Intent Keywords

   Winning Landing Page Structures for Lead Generation

   Shifting From High to Mid Funnel Content

   Shifting from Mid to Low Funnel Content

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